Haría is found to the north of Lanzarote and distinguishes him for the special microclima that makes its landscape the greenest of the island, where the greatest part of the autochtonous flora is born, some kinds of which the only in the world. Known also in the “Valley of the Thousand Palms”, here you can also be found various plants of the family of the cactuses. Great damp doesn’t allow an important development of the agriculture, also because of the steep and mountainous orography. For this reason, exceptional sites can be found here, as the reef of Famara (the Risco) and the Mountains of the Chache, that constitute the tallest point of the island (670 meters), or the calettes and beaches with the whitest sand of the island, that contrastanao with the lava castings, caves, underground hollow that derives from the stately Volcano La Corona.

Volcano La Corona

Haría has the fortune to entertain two some natural points of big impact: La Cueva de los Verdes e i Jameos del Agua, two lines of the same volcanic pipe, in which a whim of the nature has created unique and very beautiful spaces. Another visit forced in this district is the Mirador of the Río, that is risen on the steep bluffs of the shore of Haría offering an impressive sight sull’Archipelago Chinijo, with the island of La Graciosa at first.


The rich and productive shore permitted the birth of some small villages whether to taste the tasty ones and coolness products of the sea, that every day are to disposition of tourists in the various restaurants of the area. Haría is in conclusion, an earth of contrasts that surprise the travellers for the continuous changes and that they allow to leave a happy and indelible memory.

Text: Living Lanzarote


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