Friday 26 October will be back MASDANZA ‘International Festival of Canary Contemporary Ballet’, created in 1996 by Natalia Medina. The El Salinero Theater will host a selection of four companies that come from Italy, United States and South Corea.

D’MES (14’)
Turín, Italia
Created & Performed by: Daniele Salvitto & Federica Francese
Music: David Land “Just”, Alfonso Peduto “Luminance”

? I mA (12’)
Milán, Italia
Created by: Erika Maria Silgoner
Performed by: Gloria Ferrari

Yongin-si, Corea del Sur
Created by: Jonghyun Cha
Performed by: Wubin Lim & Jonghyun Cha

New York, United States of America
Created by: Yoshito Sakuraba
Performed by: Sean Nederlof

Tickets 10 euros to buy ONLINE, at Cultura Lanzarote (Cabildo de Lanzarote, monday to friday, 9:00 to 14:00, and at the box office of Teatro El Salinero, same day of the show, one hour before the beginning.


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