One of the less less known treasures of Lanzarote are constituted by the natural swimming pools of Los Charcones, an angle of heaven where bathing, rest or reading a book it is possible in full relax. Located north side of the Lighthouse de Pechiguera, direction Janubi, they are formed from spectacular lava castings that created a follow of stunning ravines  and puddles of various dimensions within which to plunge or simply relax and reload completely as in a real SPA.
Los Charcones (

Access is quite save, even if it needs to pay attention along the uneven run because of its own conformation. We recommend a complete tour of the whole area during the long summer days: it is this the period in which the fresh wind on the coast makes the stay more pleasant of it.

Los Charcones

The swimming pools of Los Charcones, thanks to the volcanic formations and the wild and uncontaminated aspect, must be included among the most beautiful natural landscapes of the island.

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