Charco del Palo is a whole volcanic swimming pools and beaches that it is found to the northeast of Lanzarote. This site is compost of three inlets that forms two natural tubs and a caletta, all in lava stone and easily accessible. This place is famous to be one of the naturists beaches most famous of the island: an isolated, marvelous and perfect place to feel in total harmony with nature, without veils, in complete liberty and relax. The particular conformation orografica and the continuous flow of the tides allow a recycle of waters in the swimming pools. Besides, contrarily of the impetuosity of the sea that licks up the coast, here the wavy motion is particularly calm and some massive rocks, attainable thanks natural passages similar to staircases, allow spectacular dives sea. In this unique place the show of the black volcanic masses can be admired that collide with the sands and the waves of the ocean: a whole forms and awesome colors.

The beach also offers the possibility to play beach volley, bottles, to walk or simply to socialize with the other swimmers. Nudism, natural swimming pools and the elements typical of the island, rock, sand, sea and wind: here what it offers Charco of the Pole, a heaven in the heaven.

Text Living Lanzarote


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