The Official Architects’ College of Lanzarote (COALZ), in collaboration with the Council of Haría is starting an interesting photography contest under the motto ‘Architecture and Landscape’, that will be trumped on Thursday, the 8th of November, coinciding with the ‘World Day of the Urbanism’. With this contest there are closed the acts programmed for the ‘International Week of the Architecture 2018’, celebrated from October 1 to October 6 Haría. Across this contest there is claimed that the participants manage to catch, not only own elements of local architecture, but also those aspects that form a part of our identity, where architecture and landscape fuse in a whole thing to achieve spaces of conviviality (streets, corners, people, colors, etc.). The summons are opened to amateurs or professionals of photography, with the exception of the members of the members of Jury and of the Commission of the Contest. The images, which they will have to present before 14:00 of November 2, have to be original and unpublished. The participants will have to certify that they are authors of the same ones, so as originality. The organizers will award the first prize of 300 Euros, a second of 150 Euros and a third party of 50 Euros. For more information to consult the web or to put in touch with the Architects’ Official College of Lanzarote across the e-mail

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