Playa de La Garita, Arrieta

Crossing the jagged north-oriental coast of Lanzarote, in the proximities of the most important points of interest of the island (Jameos of the Agua, Mirador of the Rio and Cueva de Los Verdes), here it comes Arrieta, small village of fishermen full of charm and natural beauties. Among its various jagged inlets, a sandy area appears from the gilded colors and a azul sea: Playa de La Garita. Long almost a kilometer, the beach rises in an enough sheltered zone from the strong winds that strike this area. The point of access is constituted by a small waterfront. Compost of thin sand, the beach is easily practicable and rather sure, above all for children: it needs only to pay attention to the impetuousness of tall so that, over half meter, brought by the sea tides. The northern part is formed by a dock connected through a bridge to the center of the village.

In the summer the heat is attenuated by the pleasant aliseo, while in the days of little wind, September and October, the bathing is pleasant, thanks to the particularly mild climate. The beach includes free locker rooms and usable showers for tourists and residents, a sporting space with beach volley and a park babies near the walk. Modern and ideal structures that make La Garita ideal seaside resorts to seek calm with the family. During the windiest months it is a shore frequented by the surfers that make even more colored and suggestive this area, once kingdom of the island fishermen.

Text: Living Lanzarote


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