Saturday 13 October, at 20:30 h., the Jameos de Agua Auditorium will host ‘Resurrection’, the concert of  12 Ensemble, included in the ‘XV Visual Music Festival of Lanzarote’. This group has managed, in a very short time, to achieve the reputation of being one of the most important strings orchestras of the United Kingdom. A masterful, daring and versatile ensemble, made up of twelve of the best and brightest London chamber musicians. They never have a conductor and their performances are filled with energy, emotion and creativity. Fearless when it comes to taking on new compositions along with the main string orchestra repertoire, the ensemble makes and effort to reach all kinds of audiences with their exceptional sound. They effortlessly combine different music genres and end up convincing both, the people in the audience who are familiar with classical music and those new listeners who aren’t. Tickets are 25 euros to buy ONLINE, at Cultura Lanzarote in the Cabildo Palace, from 9:00 to 14:00, and at the box office of Jameos del Agua, the same day of the concert, if not sold out. . Organized by Cultura Lanzarote, with the help of Islas Canarias “Latitud de Vida” and CACT Lanzarote.

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