Lanzarote keeps on consolidating its fame as sport destination of high-level, in this case with the “game of the 18 holes”, golf, hosting ‘II International Golf Lanzarote Cup’, tournament scheduled during 2018, composed by five trial, first one was played last week, to realize in Costa Teguise Golf and Lanzarote Golf Tías, with the collaboration of  Turismo Lanzarote, through the project European Sports Destination. The adviser to the Tourist Promotion of Cabildo, Ángel Vázquez, assures “that the planning of a unified circuit with five tournaments to be quarreled during the year is a good publicity for the international lovers of the Golf, that represent a high-level tourism.” 

Calendar of competition

The Competition, started last week with the Tournament Canarian Federation of Golf, will continue September the 8th with Anniversary Lanzarote Golf Tournament, September 15th Sentido Aequora Lanzarote Tournament, October 5th and 6th Alondra Villas Tournament and Majestic Tournament november the 16th. The “Ryder” with tour operator will happen the days 15 and 16 of June. The winner will be invited to the Final Award in December.

Text: Living Lanzarote



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