Ángaro is a new show that uses music and dance to present the traditions of the people of the Canary Islands.A fusion of the classical and the avant-garde, this singular performance is now premiering in Jameos del Agua. Pianos, violins and French horns blend with powerful drums and other instruments, such as conches and shepherd’s flutes, and experiment with dances and voices from ancestral times.

Ángaro will turn your visit to Jameos del Agua – a place that is unlike any other on the planet – into an unforgettable experience: music and dance in a volcanic cave, transformed into an auditorium by the artist César Manrique.

Matinee dates available (12:30):

29 October 2017

12, 26 November 2017

14, 28 January 2018

11, 25 February 2018

11, 25 de  March 2018


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