With occasion of 15º Visual Music Festival of Lanzarote, saturday 6 october, at 20:30, the Auditorium of Jameos del Agua will host the Nik Bärtsch’s Mobile live concert. Founded in 1997 by Nik Bärtsch, the Mobile project is the beginning of the ritualistic approach of Bärtsch’s musical creation, thriving on reduction and repetition concepts as well as on his fascination for Japanese culture. Joined by his partners Kaspar Rast, Sha and Nicolas Stocker, they organically intertwine nuances of jazz, funk, minimalist, ritual and contemporary music, and the result is an energetic and forceful group sound that pushes the virtuoso soloist into the background.

Nik Bärtsch: piano, composition
Sha: bass clarinet
Kaspar Rast: drum and percussions
Nicolas Stocker: drum, marimba



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