We are entering the final phase and it misses less than one month to the registrations closing: you choose your mode to Lanzarote WineRun 2018, event of food, wine and sport that will be held June 16th and 17th, included in the project ‘Salvar You Geria’. A percentage of the proceeds that the Lanzarote WineRun 2016 obtains of the inscriptions and of the sale of merchandising will also be used for supporting social projects. It is to generate employment for the groups at higher risk of social exclusion. This project goes beyond sport and landscape protection. The Lanzarote WineRun pursues a space neat and designed for everyone. La Geria, saved by all and for all. This year’s news is a draw of a fantastic travel to Isla of Sal (Cape Verde), offered by Binter, official sponsor of Lanzarote WineRun 2018.

Register here: lanzarotewinerun.com/es/inscripciones

Text: Living Lanzarote


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