Friday, May 18th is celebrating the International Day of Museum with the slogan “Museums super connected: new strategies, new public”. A series of activity has been organized by International Museum of the Contemporary (MIAC), facing new forms to intend the space museum with the premise to start relationships with projects, initiatives and trials that not only help to understand part of the permanent collection that resides at MIAC, but also to valorize the building, understood as space of meeting, knowledge and learning. For this reason, on May 18th, it will be a day of open doors, with free entry for all the visitors, thanks to the project “De Aula To the Museum”, coordinated by the School of art Pancho Lasso, where about ten young people will become guides of the museum giving personal review about some artwork. The temporal exposure Room will serve as it reunion hall where on Friday the artist David GP will give a class of video art, whose creations will be exposed the following day in the same room. Saturday 19th, the persons responsible of the project Barrios Orquestados will start the first one of a series of monthly meetings in which teachers, students and parents will reunite and in where music and communication will be protagonists. Finally, Saturday it will return in the temporal room where Ana Cebrián, one of the coordinators of Pedagogía Invisibile (Art + Education), will impart the courses “If it is not possible you make another thing” and “You outskirts of the border”, a couple of workshops in which Colección MIAC will serve as “stings of meeting” to learn different creative and conceptual projects.

QuéMAC Restaurant will offer #DIM2018 Menú both days.

Text: Living Lanzarote


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