16 to 18 November the first days directed to form and promote the association between farmers, ranchers and fishermen were held

The mayor of Teguise, Oswaldo Betancort, presented on Monday morning the first days of professionalizing the primary sector “Teguise, Sea and Campo”, designed to give workers the skills to get a modern, professional and coordinated marketing, highlighting food sovereignty and ensuring a future for the sector.

“Until today, the primary sector in Lanzarote has been characterized by the high quality of the products offered by its nutritional value and cultivation technique differentiated industrial” said Oswaldo Betancort during the presentation. “Teguise This initiative seeks two fundamental objectives: to generate employment through agriculture and raise social awareness about the consumption of local produce,” he added.

“These days are devoted to the union and strengthening the sector through its professionalization, considering that the worker in the primary sector needs to be united to monetize their work,” said meanwhile the area councilor, Agustín Méndez. “For this reason, we want to move these days the whole sector, both agricultural, livestock and fisheries, in order to provide them with tools for legalization and regulation, as well as promoting partnership.”

The cycle “Teguise, Sea and Field” with the collaboration of the councils of Lanzarote and Tenerife, the UPA (Union of Small Farmers and Ranchers of Las Palmas), Harvest Direct Cooperative Society, Agrobank, UNED Lanzarote, Urquiza lawyers and Women rural Tenerife.

Days program

Thursday, November 16 (Municipal Theater of La Villa)

18:00. Reception of participants and delivery of materials.

18:45 Opening of the conference.

19: 00-20: 30. Need for a union of the sector through cooperative / organization. A social economy in response to antisocial

· Antonio Suarez Suarez: President of the Cooperative Harvest Direct.

Cooperativism to transform the economy. More social more fair. A formula to the crisis or spirit of a social economy

20: 30-21: 00. Roundtable with agricultural and livestock associations of the islands: SAT El jable, Farmers’ Association “Mountain Valleys” Maramajo Cattlemen’s Association, …

Friday, November 17 (Municipal Theater of La Villa)

11:30 am. “Rural Women building the future”.

“Tenerife Rural Women” and women entrepreneurs in rural areas of Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.

Common work space that we can find solutions and new ways of building the future of rural women. Visible and give role and work of rural women. We will present the opportunities and weaknesses of rural areas to undertake and develop a rural enterprise. Importance of participation and partnership as a tool for rural development.

Afternoon session:

18: 00-19: 00. Marketing and sales techniques of agricultural products.

· Patricia de la Fuente Torres: Technical Entrepreneurship. Cabildo de Tenerife

Objective: To improve skills in commercial outlets. Acquire the skills to present and correctly implement the products and make them more attractive, increasing profitability at the point of sale and achieve customer loyalty abilities.

19: 00-20: 00. “Basic legal obligations of farmers”

· Sergio Hernández Montesdeoca: URQUIZA LAWYERS

Objective: To clarify doubts with farmers on their obligations in the workplace and social security, distinguishing between farmers harvested for subsistence and those who sell direct selling. Who is required to register as self-employed, who are workers and employers from the labor standpoint. Compatibility public pensions and other benefits / subsidies (unemployed).

20: 00- 21:00 Agrobank. Financing for the Agricultural Sector.

Saturday, November 18. Agricultural Museum El Patio (Tiagua)

9: 30-12: 30. Canarian Food Sovereignty breakfast. Speakers:

· Antonio Suárez. President of the Union of Small Farmers and Ranchers in the province of Las Palmas (UPA). Audio visual presentation. Campaign “Sowing consciousness”

from local food sovereignty. What can we do to increase food sovereignty? Utopia or reality? Campaign “sowing consciousness”

· Francisco J. Fabelo Marrero, responsible Unit Landscape and Food Sovereignty.

Agriculture as a transformative element of the landscape, Lanzarote agro-systems and the processing of local products for valuing them.

· 12:30 am. Visit the Agricultural Museum El Patio and tasting of local products.


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